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Professional Mechanics Finland Oy implements precise assembly services for the needs of industry Our assembly service comprises various industrial production devices which can consist of parts and subassemblies. We have accrued experience of the assembly services of the systems of several different industrial sectors.

At Promec, we assemble and ensure the functioning and compatibility of parts, so you will have a functioning entity. Contact us, an experienced enterprise providing assembly services, and request an offer!


We provide you with uniform assembly services in all stages of your process. We assemble industrial production devices, depending on the order, either from machining parts manufactured by ourselves or, alternatively, from purchased components acquired from our partners. Thanks to our extensive cooperation networks, we are well connected to different component suppliers.

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Quality Assurance

When you order an assembly service from Promec, you can trust in all the devices assembled by us working as required. We guarantee that the parts are compatible and the systems functional. After the assembly, we carry out the necessary tests in order to ensure the quality of production.

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Request an offer for assembly services from Professional Mechanics Finland Oy – based in Kempele, we serve all over Finland.

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Where We Are

Professional Mechanics Finland Oy's home is near Oulu in Kempele. From our base in the north, we serve clients nationwide. In spite of our northern location, our service is the fastest, and deliveries all the way to the capital region arrive post-haste.