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Professional Mechanics Finland Oy offers versatile machining services for the needs of industry. We machine a wide variety of materials, such as plastic, aluminium and steel. Our production suits orders of all sizes, from batches of a few pieces to large mass orders.

When you need machining services produced by experienced professionals, contact Promec. We will give you a competitive offer for a wide variety of machining options!

Machining with high-quality equipment

Producing industry-leading machining services is possible only with high-quality and top-modern equipment. We follow the technical development of our industry and constantly upgrade our equipment base in order to be able to offer machining parts to the markets cost-efficiently.

Our versatile equipment comprises machining centres, lathes and robotics. The equipment is operated by our skilled professionals who ensure standards-compliant operation.

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Quick machining

When you need the quickest machining service, turn to Promec! We are one the fastest players in the industry and, if necessary, we can deliver the parts even the same day.


When confronted with an unexpected situation, do not hesitate to contact us to request quick machining service.

Explore also our quick assembly services

Request an offer for machining services from Professional Mechanics Finland Oy. Based in Kempele, we serve all over Finland.

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Where We Are

Professional Mechanics Finland Oy's home is near Oulu in Kempele. From our base in the north, we serve clients nationwide. In spite of our northern location, our service is the fastest, and deliveries all the way to the capital region arrive post-haste.