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Professional Mechanics Finland Oy offers comprehensive device design, providing you with quick models and prototypes rapidly for testing. Our service includes, among others, industrial equipment, machine automation, clean room applications as well as machining and thin plate parts. Our careful 3D design ensures that the product meets the requirements.

Successful production begins with design

Meticulous designing enables a smooth manufacturing process, accuracy of timetables and cost-efficiency. Investing in an experienced designer often shows directly in the price structure of the end product. The bulk of the manufacturing costs of a product is formed through the selections made in design.

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Experiment and develop

After the design process, you immediately get for reviewing quick models and prototypes, which you can have tested, for example, by your customers. After the review, the necessary changes that have come up in the testing phase can be implemented. In this way, the product can be made to meet the end user’s needs from the start.

We are committed to your goals and are satisfied only when you are. In the design, you make use of our professional skill, combined with your own experience.

From design to assembly and documentation

When you do business with Professional Mechanics Finland Oy, you can utilise the possibility to order the entire project from under one roof. You get everything from us, from planning and industrial design to machining and assembly. As our customer, you get from us an all-inclusive package, and we design everything in accordance with our own strengths and methods.

For you, this means that you get a top-quality end product, fast manufacture and a cost-efficient solution. We also always provide you with precise and carefully implemented technical documentation enabling easy manufacture and assembly.

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Strength calculation, simulations and tests

We also do strength calculations, simulations and detailed practical tests to parts and subassemblies. We test the durability of parts and the functionality of the designed idea already in connection with designing in order to ensure the functioning of the entity already before ordering the actual parts.


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Professional Mechanics Finland Oy's home is near Oulu in Kempele. From our base in the north, we serve clients nationwide. In spite of our northern location, our service is the fastest, and deliveries all the way to the capital region arrive post-haste.